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June 11, 2009
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Nostalgia by queenzenobia Nostalgia by queenzenobia
At some point I decided I wanted to support the pixel art community at deviantART... and then proceeded to take no action whatsoever. Having discovered the deadline was in two days I still decided to do a very quick entry for the Nostalgia contest though.

It's 350 x 171 I think... and an amazing 41 colours.
Probably took about three hours to make. Maybe four or five, but I don't want to admit I spent all that time on it while I should have been studying.

I'll explain what it's about.

The beach. You can see three beaches I remember here. The first is the Dutch beach, about 5 km from my house. There's dunes of course, and the water is the wild dark green I always remember it to be. I've gone there all my life. When I was little, but also later with my boyfriend, and now with my parents to have lunch.
The second beach is Turkey. There's a pattern: being little, being there with my boyfriend, and having nice food at the restaurant you can see a small part of.
The third is Greece. There's a sandcastle, and no, it's not disproportionate (sp?). We'd build HUGE sandcastles when I was little; my dad and my sister and me. And I also added in a bit of a Greek temple for old times sake.

So there you have it, the beach. Whenever I am on a beach, wherever, I always feel nostalgic. I have so, so many memories from beaches all around the world... and the best bit is, is that they are nearly all good memories.

I had a good time experimenting with different kinds of water (personally I think they all failed ^^; ) and the dunes were interesting to try as well. I'm not satisfied with it at all, but I still think there's something nice about it. Probably the memories.
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Jou-kichi Jan 30, 2014  Student General Artist
I love the way you make water! ^.^
i have so many good memories from the beach too, from when i went with my 1st girlfriend, when i lost one of my most precious toys because i bury it in the sand then i couldnt remember when i left it, or when i simply spend hours playing soccer with my unless and nephews...

surely this is a emotionally charged piece...
queenzenobia Jun 11, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I'm so glad you could recognize something in it! I was convinced it would be far too personal for anyone in the community to connect with.
the beahc is indeed a common place for a lot of events in our lives, like summer loves for examples, or its conection with the sea. its surely a very important place for a lot of people.
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